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SMBG Learn and Leap: A Month of Learning and Triumph

In the world of professional development and education, there's a name that's been making waves for the past month - SMBG Learn and Leap. This unique program, designed to facilitate continuous learning, recently reached a significant milestone: its first month successfully completed. And what better way to celebrate than with an engaging and interactive game held on a memorable Friday the 13th of October, 2023? The cherry on top was the generous prize voucher for the winner.

The Players in This Exciting Journey

Five of our dedicated salesmen took the plunge and participated in the game. Of these, three brave souls joined us directly from the office: Mr. Irshad, Mr. Siyas, and Mr. Javad. The remaining two, Mr. Ameer Ali and Mr. Prakosh, opted for the online version of the game. This interactive quiz was no ordinary affair. It covered questions related to products and brands from previous months, serving as a test of the knowledge acquired during their time with SMBG Learn and Leap.

An Amazing Display of Knowledge and Commitment

All participants displayed an incredible level of commitment and knowledge. Their responses to the quiz questions were not only accurate but also showed a deep understanding of the pet care industry. It was a closely fought competition that kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

Performer of the month

After a tough battle of learning, there could only be one winner, and that champion was none other than Mr. Irshad. He not only emerged as the victor but also secured the prestigious title of 'Learner of the Month - September.' To top it off, he received the coveted first Prize Award.

This recognition wasn't just handed out arbitrarily. It was a reflection of Mr. Irshad's remarkable performance throughout the Learn & Leap initiative. His total score was an accumulation of the points he'd earned from the two previous online quizzes and the exhilarating game held on that fateful Friday the 13th of October.

Spirit of the teamwork

The support team, consisting of Ms. Ammu, Ms. Rukshar, Mr. Arun, Mr. Faris, Mr. Mahesh Modem, Mr. Rehan Babar, and Mr. Mirza, was the backbone of the program. Their presence played a significant role in ensuring that the event ran smoothly and efficiently.

Then there were the event coordinators - Mr. Anzil Ahammed, Mr. Nicolas, Mr. Jithin Das, Abdul Wahid, and Mr. Sumesh. These individuals were the architects of the game, planning and executing it to perfection. Their hard work and dedication were evident in the seamless flow of the event.

The back-end team, working diligently in the shadows, included Ms. Soorya, Ms. Aseela Nishad, Mr. Brijith, Mr. Sijin Jayakumar, Mr. Raashid, and Mr. Raphy. Their efforts ensured that the technical and logistical aspects of the event were flawlessly executed.

A Rewarding Finale

And the moment everyone was waiting for - the award ceremony. Mr. Nicolas had the distinct honor of awarding the cash voucher to our outstanding champion, Mr. Irshad. The enthusiastic applause from all present was a testament to the recognition of a deserving winner.

Looking Forward to the Future

As we wrap up this event, we're not just celebrating a successful month; we're also eagerly anticipating the next game. SMBG Learn and Leap has proven that learning can be a dynamic and enjoyable experience, and it's only going to get better from here.

Mr. Irshad, our Learner of the Month, has set the bar high, and we look forward to more participants excelling in the upcoming challenges. The dedication and enthusiasm of all participants, support teams, coordinators, and back-end team members are truly commendable. Together, we're making learning and growth an integral part of our culture.

So, stay tuned, dear readers, for more exciting learning adventures with SMBG Learn and Leap! We're looking forward to the future, and we're ready to keep the learning journey going. It's a journey of excellence, knowledge, and, most importantly, fun. Keep your eyes on the horizon because at SMBG Learn and Leap, the best is yet to come.

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