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SMBG Launching - Spirit of Teamwork

We are pleased to announce that the Aquarium Lives Center and all of its sister companies (Yes International,

Al Fayiz Stationary, Al Fayiz Graphics, and Breezy Fresh) have become the SMBG group of companies.

Aquariumlives has been rebranding to SMBG Group of Companies as we expanded our business to different sectors and divisions. Thus, we joined all the divisions to form a group - S M Bros Group. Our B2B & B2C companies or outlets for pet supplies, aquatic supplies, aquarium projects, general trading, online businesses, graphics & printing joined under SMBG.

SMBG group of companies started the journey to success in 2000 as Aquarium Lives Centre LLC is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, as leading pet & aquatic supplies company in GCC as we recognized a demand for high-quality pet food, pet supplies and accessories in the region because of the region's rapidly rising pet population.

On December 8, 2022, the businesses merged under the SM Bros Group of companies. The official ceremony took place on December 8, 2022, at 6.30 PM at Masrah Al Qasba Theatre. The ceremony was attended by all of the SMBG group's sponsors, employees, and well-wishers.

Together with SMBG family members and guests of honor, managing director Mr. Abdussamed Kari and general manager Mr. Ahammed Muneer Kari officially unveiled the company's new logo. Numerous employees have been with the SMBG group for more than 20 years, starting at the very beginning. At the celebration, we recognized the staff members who had served the organization for ten years as Golden Ten years and awarded them with a certificate and a Memento. At the time and in the presence of the SMBG family, the company's future goals, mission, and vision were discussed.

Since the founding of the business, the SMBG group of companies has respected and treated its employees as members of the family. The company's motto is "spirit of the teamwork." We think that working together can achieve the impossibly. The attendees express their appreciation and well wishes while sharing the company's beginnings and success story. The prices for the competitions conducted for the retail shops are distributed at the event. The hausteir challenge, 1st place won by Beauty pets Onyx,Aquariumlives center -ABELA won the 2nd price. Petcare for pet trading -MUSHRIF MALL won the 3rd price,

The display challenge winner is BEAUTY PETS JVC

The happiness of the event doubled by the lucky draw conducted for all the guests. And one of the staffs Mr. Ameer won a trip to Georgia by the lucky draw.

The SMBG of companies has grown to become one of the region's major B2B and B2C supplier of pet and aquatic products and services, FMCG, multimedia services, importing and exporting over 36 countries with offices and warehouse facilities in UAE, Bahrain, Oman, China, and India.

We focus on offering the highest quality and service at an affordable pricing, with over 22 years of expertise in production, distribution, general trading and retail industries. Constant research and analysis of products, as well as the director’s and staff's devotion to customer service, have ensured that we have the highest customer retention rate in the business.

Felicitations conveyed by Mr. Rehan Babar, Mr. Moin Khan Mr. Nithin Alias Issac, Mr. Roxana Modica, Mr. Raashid Ellath, Mr. Akbar Parammal, Mr. Sijin Jayakumar, Mr. Muhammed Raphy, Mr. Anzil Ahammed and vote of thanks by Mr. Shafeeque.

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