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SMBG Group Celebrates World Environmental Day with a Showcase of Natural and Eco-Friendly Products.

On the occasion of World Environmental Day, SM Bros Group (SMBG) is taking the

initiative to highlight its commitment to sustainability by showcasing a range of natural, eco-friendly, and recycled quality products. As a distributor of renowned brands such as Schesir, Ferplast, Moderna, IMac, Duvo+ Garden Bites, Happi Doggy, Dogsee, and more, SMBG aims to promote environmentally conscious choices and provide customers with access to eco-friendly alternatives. This blog will explore some of the key brands and products offered by SMBG that align with the principles of sustainability.


Schesir Quality and Sustainability Combined: Schesir, products are available at smbg website; click here>>> and learn more at, is renowned for its high-quality pet food products. As part of its commitment to sustainability, Schesir focuses on using natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging materials, reducing its carbon footprint while maintaining product excellence. Customers can explore Schesir's eco-friendly options, ensuring a responsible choice for their pets and the environment.


Embracing Sustainability: Ferplast, available at and learn more at, is committed to sustainability across its product range. By incorporating recycled materials, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and innovative design, Ferplast creates pet accessories that prioritize both the well-being of pets and the environment. Recycled and Second Life Concepts: SMBG proudly distributes brands that embrace the concept of recycling and second life.

IMAC Imac products are available at, know more at, offers a range of pet products made from recycled materials, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.


Moderna, known for its innovative pet care solutions, offers eco-friendly products that contribute to sustainable living and ecofrienly environment. Explore their offerings at,

know more at


Duvo+ Garden Bites - Nature's Delight: Duvo+ Garden Bites, available at, provides a range of organic and sustainable products for birds and small animals. Their dedication to environmentally friendly practices ensures that pets can enjoy natural treats while minimizing their impact on the planet. Know more at

Happi Doggy and Dogsee

Happi Doggy and Dogsee - Healthy Treats, Sustainable Choices: Happi Doggy, available at, offers a wide selection of all-natural and eco-friendly dog treats

. Similarly,

Dogsee, available at and, provides natural and sustainably sourced treats for dogs. These brands prioritize the well-being of pets while ensuring their products are environmentally responsible.

SMBG's Commitment to Sustainability: The importance of sustainability is echoed by CEO & Founder Mr. Samed Muhammed and Group General Manager Mr. Muneer Ahammed, who have expressed their commitment to environmental responsibility. BDM Nikolas promises customers that SMBG will continue to bring more eco-friendly products to market, ensuring a greener future for all. SMBG's Marketing Manager, Anzil Ahammed, passionately shares these sustainable concepts with customers, encouraging them to make eco-friendly choices.

On World Environmental Day, SMBG Group showcases its dedication to sustainability by promoting natural, eco-friendly, and recycled quality products. Brands like Schesir, Ferplast, Moderna, IMac, Duvo+ Garden Bites, Happi Doggy, and Dogsee offer customers a wide range of eco-conscious choices. By supporting these brands, customers can contribute to a more sustainable future while providing their pets with high-quality products. SMBG Group remains committed to expanding its offering of eco-friendly products, ensuring that customers have access to a diverse range of sustainable options.

To explore SMBG's eco-friendly and natural product selection, visit Join SMBG in celebrating World Environmental Day by making conscious choices that benefit both the planet and our beloved pets.

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